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IPCMC 2018

Ph.D. Candidate Zeynep Birgonul attends to the 5th biannual IPCMC conference on 16-18 November 2018, at Northern Cyprus. The paper is co-authored by architectural faculty member and lecturer Dra. Ana Cocho-Bermejo. Additionally, Dra. Ana Cocho- Bermejo is in the international scientific committee of the IPCMC conference.

The conference is entitled as International Project and Construction Management Conference, IPCMC 2018 by Cyprus International University. The objective of the conference, is to bring together the researchers in the academic field and the architecture, engineering and construction industry experts to share the knowledge, explain their latest research findings and discuss the recent experiences. The conference creates a fruitful discussion forum, especially for the early stage researchers to discuss their research ideas, preliminary findings and develop academic networks.

The presentation of the paper of Zeynep Birgonul and Dra. Ana Cocho-Bermejo is on 17 November, and titled as “Symbiotic Data Platform: Prototype I and Prototype II” which focuses on the ongoing interdisciplinary Ph.D. project of researcher Zeynep Birgonul. The projects' objective is to develop the interactive stage for Building Information Modeling on the operation phase, while addressing building thermal comfort optimisation by upgrading accuracy in energy analysis with advanced sustainability concerns.

Photo: Conferance co-chair Prof. Dr. Mustafa Talat Birgonul, Zeynep Birgonul, Conference co-chair Prof. Dr. Tahir Celik.

This year, the major theme of the conference will be “Grand Challenges in the Construction Industry and Organizations”. Driven by the “international teams”, “global project opportunities”, “complexity and uncertainty”, “climate change”, “social well-being”, and below five grand challenges as depicted in “Grand Challenges in Engineering Project Organization” by Sakharni et al.[*] (2017) will constitute the sub-themes of the conference:

Grand Challenge 1. The new project manager

Grand Challenge 2. Project networks

Grand Challenge 3. Innovation and growth strategies

Grand Challenge 4. Systems integration

Grand Challenge 5. Lifecycle value and governance

More information can be found at the following link:

[*] Sakharni, V.; Chinowsky, P. S., and Taylor, J.E. (2017), “Grand Challenges in Engineering Project Organisation”, The Engineering Project Organisation Journal, (August 2017),7,1.

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