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Lecture at UIC

at 15 November 2017, first lecture at UIC is given. The lecture was about BIM, in introduction level.

November 2017, Month of Symposiums

This month apart from the ACADIA Conference, there was also the The Responsive Cities Symposium organized by IaaC on 13-14 November. Proudly announcing that my project 'Symbiotic Data Platform' will be one of the papers that will be published within the Symposiums outcomes. We had the great chance to listen the inspiring talk of Crimson Rose from Burning Man, as well as all the other great speakers, and their projects.. Furthermore, we had the access to the Smart City Expo 2017, as authors of the Symposium. The expo was a great event with the context of "Empower Cities, Empower People". Also on 15 November 2017, the event of 'honor causa' of Prof. Rivka Oxman took place at UIC, which is fol

ACADIA 2017, MIT, Boston

On behalf of UIC Researchers, at the first week of November, we were at Boston, MA for the ACADIA conference hosted at MIT. Boston's ambient for a researcher is absolutely motivating and inspiring. We had the chance to experience the high qualified knowledge exchange and networking. Was a great pleasure to attend the conference and listen all the amazing researchers around the world, and also the two favorite Keynote speeches of of the year, by Neri Oxman, Director of MIT Media Labs, and Jessica Rosenkrantz & Jesse Louis-Rosenberg Founders of Nervous Systems. Within the conference program, we were invited to visit the MIT Labs, also the greatest example of Deconstructionism; The Stata Buildi

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