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At 36th eCAADe conference held in Lodz, Poland, our proposal for "ADAPTIVE & MORPHOGENETIC CITY RESEARCH LABORATORY" co-authored by Dr. Ana Cocho-Bermejo, Zeynep Birgonul, Dr. Diego Navarro-Mateu; is presented.

Conference details:

On 25-27 June, we have attended the EPOC Conference which is held at the Brijuni National Park Island, Croatia. The organisation was great and the conference was fulfilling both for academic and leasure means. Brijuni Island can be defined as heaven on earth, definitely a great location for such a conference. Further information can be found at the following link:

For a Phd Researcher, doesn't matter if it is summer or winter. It is always work-time and your office is always on your laps with your laptop. While travelling and attending to all those fruitful conferences, I had a lot of inspiration and motivation to develop the next stage of the project. 'Symbiotic Data Platform' is growing up, and my fist prototype is successfully working! Im glad to announce the success and I am extremely motivated for the further steps of the project. Currently, the platform is being operated as a simple IoT platform, yet, nowadays I've started developing the second stage which is going to be the deeper and the most complicated phase of the research. We are open to any kind of collaboration and any feedback is highly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a discussion.